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    Reactor System

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    Hydrocracking reactor system

    There are many types of industrial hydrocracking equipment, which are divided into one-stage method and two-stage method according to the function of the reactor.

    The two-stage method includes a two-stage reactor, the first stage is used as a hydrofining section to remove nitrogen and sulfide in the feedstock oil. The second stage is the hydrocracking reaction section.

    Only one or several reactors in one-stage process are used in parallel. The process flow of the one-stage fixed-bed hydrocracking unit is that the raw oil, circulating oil and hydrogen are mixed and then heated and introduced into the reactor.

    The reactor is equipped with a granular catalyst, and the reaction product is separated from the gas by the high-pressure and low-pressure separators, and then the liquid product is distilled in the fractionating tower to obtain the product petroleum fraction.

    The one-stage method has a relatively low cracking depth and generally uses vacuum wax oil as the raw material to produce middle distillate oil. The two-stage method has a deeper cracking depth, and generally mainly produces gasoline.


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