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    Lift and Flip Reactor

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    Lab test reactor with PID PLC controller

    PID control, namely proportional integral derivative control, is one of the earliest control strategies developed. Because of its simple algorithm, good robustness and high reliability, it is widely used in industrial process control. So far, about 90% of control loops have PID structure.

    PLC control system is a new generation of industrial control device formed by introducing microelectronic technology, computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology on the basis of traditional sequence controller.

    Zhengwei reactor is equipped with PID or PLC controller according to customer needs, which can realize the full automation of stirring speed, heating temperature, feeding and discharging, and material handling.

    Lab reactor under high temperature and high pressure

    Zhengwei high temperature and high pressure reactor can be specially customized according to customer needs, the maximum withstand pressure is 45MPa, and the maximum withstand temperature is 600 degrees.

    The kettle body is made of high-temperature resistant stainless steel (S30408, S310H), and high-temperature resistant nickel-based materials such as INCONEL625 can also be used.

    Hydrogenation explosion-proof reactor with ex-proof controller box

    The laboratory hydrogenation reactor is suitable for reactions involving hydrogen. Because hydrogen is a flammable and explosive medium, the electrical components of the reactor adopt explosion-proof design, such as explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof electric heating rods, explosion-proof platinum resistors and explosion-proof control cabinets to ensure the safe operation of customers.

    Stainless steel acid and alkali resistant multifunctional reactor

    Zhengwei stainless steel reactor is suitable for various types of chemical reactions. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel allows the reactor to be used in a variety of reaction processes, such as esterification, cracking, premixing, compounding, polymerization, chlorination, and hydrogenation. Reaction, crystallization reaction, acylation reaction, dissolution reaction, neutralization reaction, etc.

    Laboratory filter tank reactor

    The Zhengwei laboratory filter tank is suitable for the preliminary test of the textile industry. The built-in filter or sintered filter element can effectively filter the coarse particles or fiber materials in the reaction. The reactor is magnetically sealed and equipped with a heating jacket, which can realize self-heating and stirring functions.

    Super low temperature reactor with lid lift without mixer

    The reactor body is made of low-temperature resistant high-strength stainless steel, which can withstand a low temperature environment of -196 degrees. Conventional rock wool insulation is used outside the jacket. For lower temperatures, a vacuum insulation jacket is added outside the refrigeration jacket to isolate air heat transfer and continuously maintain the low temperature in the kettle.

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