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    2 sets of 2L lifting and turning experiment kettle are finished and sent to the customer in Qingdao

    Release Time:2020-05-18

    Working volume: 2LWorking pressure: 10MPaWorking temperature: 300 degreesReaction kettle material: S30408 stainless steelWith lifting and turning device, the lifting motor drives the kettle cover to lift, and the reducer controls the kettle …

    The 10L distillation kettle is finished and shipped to the customer in Xi'an

    Release Time:2020-05-16

    Working volume: 10LWorking pressure: -0.1~2MPaWorking temperature: 200 degreesHeating method: Circulating heating with jacketed heat transfer oilEquipped with vertical condenser to realize condensation and reflux in the kettle

    The 2L all-stainless steel high-pressure experimental kettle is finished and sent to the customer of Shengli Oilfield

    Release Time:2020-05-10

    Working volume: 2LWorking pressure: 20MPaWorking temperature: 300 degreesReactor material: SS316L inside, SS304 outside structure

    The 20L ultra-high temperature pyrolysis reactor is finished and shipped to the customer in Dalian

    Release Time:2020-05-08

    Working volume: 20LWorking pressure: 5MPaWorking temperature: 600 degreesReactor material: INCONEL 625

    2 sets of 200L high temperature and high pressure polymerizers are shipped to foreign customers

    Release Time:2020-05-06

    Working volume: 200LWorking pressure: 9.8MPaWorking temperature: 250 degreesReaction kettle material: S30408+Q345R composite board

    The 2000L catalytic hydrogenation reactor was sent to the production base of PetroChina

    Release Time:2020-04-21

    Working volume: 2000LWorking pressure: 5MPaWorking temperature: 250CMixing method: self-priming mixing

    The 25L high-pressure experimental kettle with electric lifting device is completed and sent to the customer in Hangzhou

    Release Time:2020-04-15

    Reactor type: hydrogenation explosion-proof reactor equipped with explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof platinum resistance and explosion-proof control boxWorking volume: 25~30LWorking temperature: 280 degreesHeating method: heat conduction…

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